Feeling discouraged with finding, keeping and empowering top talent?


Discover the secrets to building a dream team that drives results.

Join other ambitious leaders on a clear path to leadership excellence. 


Are you over feeling...


because you feel like you have to do it all yourself?


from struggling for ways to motivate your employees?

Stressed out

by changes and issues that challenge you and your team?


about leading your team and business with confidence?


about handling conflicts or poor performance with your team?

If you have a vision to:

  • Propel your career and business and to new heights with a leadership style that naturally attracts opportunities, recognition, and advancement.
  • Have motivated and productive employees, and feel confident about your team's loyalty, performance and growth.
  • Communicate more effectively and establish better relationships with your team.
  • Establish yourself as the indispensable leader who not only excels in current roles but is also sought after for higher positions and strategic projects.
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Hello, I am Claire, and I am a business and leadership coach, I have worked with leaders for over 8 years.

During my career as a business owner, business coach and COO I kept on seeing the same pattern.

I was working with motivated leaders and amazing teams but despite a clear vision, a solid strategy, and a mission that resonated, the expected high-impact results remained just out of reach. 

And then I realized...

Without a transformation in their approach to leadership, even the most well-intentioned leaders are unable to make the significant impact they aspire to.

I understood that my role was not just to advise on business strategies but to facilitate a fundamental transformation in leadership. 

That’s when I developed my 5 leadership pillars and started teaching leaders to do the work that we so often avoid - the work within ourselves. 


Dive into 5 modules across key leadership pillars, packed with engaging 10-15 minute video trainings, practical worksheets, and exclusive access to 8 live Q&A sessions.


How to:

  • Increase Performance: Lead well and witness a significant boost in performance across your team.
  • Develop Strategic Skills: Navigate challenges with agility and insight.
  • Expand Emotional Intelligence: Manage emotions positively to improve relationships.
  • Earn Respect: Adopt servant leadership and prioritize the needs of your team.
  • Navigate the Unfamiliar: Gain clarity and poise in every situation.
  • Engage Effectively: Communicate your message clearly and resolve conflicts efficiently.
  • Reduce Turnover: Build trust and loyalty among your team members. 

All the tools you need to Lead with Confidence and Drive Results

  • 5 modules, one for each leadership pillar
  • Each module will have four sessions
  • Each session will have 10-15 minute video trainings
  • Each session will have worksheets, checklists and/or exercises to master the knowledge
  • 8 live Q&A sessions 
  • The support from fellow leaders!
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PS. Yes, you can be a BETTER LEADER!

This program offers a unique blend of the best of both worlds:  

This program offers a unique blend of the best of both worlds: individual coaching and customized attention to who you are and what your business is, combined with the opportunity to be part of a group of like-minded individuals who get to share their experiences, successes and challenges with each other. 

-- Bev Weinberg, Integrate for Good 

I took this program because I wanted to improve my EQ, but I received so much more.

 What the program helped me do was to be more in tune with myself so that I can recognize different feelings and emotions I might be having, how to handle those situations and ultimately be the most effective leader I can possibly be for my team and to help this business grow.  I would definitely recommend this course to any business owner or anyone in a leadership position who may need to improve in an area of leadership they may be lacking. 

-- Marc Brookland, SEO Locale


Personal Development
  • Improve Your Decision Making
  • Attract Better Talent
  • Become More Adaptable
  • Set Clear Goals
Emotional Intelligence
  • Increase Employee Motivation
  • Reduce Your Stress
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Resolve Difficult Situations
Intentional relationships
  • Create a Sounding Board
  • Cultivate Beneficial Relationships
  • Expand Your Inner Circle
  • Network with Intention
Servant Leadership
  • Empower Your People
  • Develop Your Team
  • Master Effective Delegation
  • Increase Accountability
Strategic Leadership
  • Think More Strategically
  • Anticipate Challenges and Opportunities
  • Develop Your Strategy
  • Execute Your Strategy

And let's not forget about...


Interact with highly engaged fellow leadership trainees, all helping each other become more efficient, influential and confident leaders.

BONUS #2 Hiring tips and template


Hiring the right people is essential to creating a strong team.  You'll get my tried and true template for creating an effective online application that will easily bring the top candidates to your attention.  

You'll also get an interview follow up checklist to ensure your have done your homework to find and engage qualified candidates.

Look at what past participants have achieved!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this training...

I had been running my business for a while and had already worked with many coaches and read many books about being a leader. I'm always on the lookout for more ways to enrich my leadership abilities and Claire's course did just that. I found myself among like minded people who care a lot about being good servant leaders which lead to great conversations and examples. The course material helped fill in the gaps for what I was missing and validated that I was on the right track. I highly recommend taking this course, you won't regret it! 

-- Nicole Hanusek, President/Artist- Smack Happy Design

I would recommend this to course to anyone looking to improve their leadership.

The tools that I got around emotional intelligence and intentional connections have actually transformed the way I approach my business. I’ve never had so much energy, or positive results and you get a lot from talking with the other participant

-- Judith Kurnick, CEO - Judith Kurnick Coaching

Time for Action

You got this!!!

Time for Action

You got this!!!

And in case you've got some questions, I've put together some answers below. 

I am committed to your successful completion of this training. 


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  • 5 modules, one for each leadership pillar
  • Each module will have four sessions
  • Each session will have 10-15 minute video trainings
  • Each session will have worksheets, checklists and/or exercises to master the knowledge
  • 8 live Q&A sessions to get clarity
  • The support from fellow leaders!
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